Friday, 6 October 2017

DUE DESIGN at 100%DESIGN London 2017


We were at Dubai’s INDEX 2017 in May and at London’s prestigious 100%DESIGN fair in September. In London, we presented the latest collection of dining and coffee tables – “DUE – OLD WOOD FURNITURE”.

We were 100% right to see London as a place of sophisticated forms and realisations following the fair’s clear message – 100%DESIGN – being its name at the same time. We had a plan not only “not to lag behind”, but also to surprise. We made the plan come true as confirmed by many of our guests.

DUE’s booth was visited by nearly 200 guests, in particular by interior designers and other professional designers. The result is really good.

Please find DUE’s booth photo coverage below. We covered 24 m2. It was well enough. We presented 9 finished pieces of furniture and over a dozen prints of advanced visions of our products, in particular tables.

DUE DESIGN’s main exhibit was the WINGS table made entirely of 225- and 400-litre barrel elements. The upholstered SOLEA chair is made of barrel elements as well.


We presented printed concepts of other tables made of old wood and wine barrels. The fairly aesthetic prints solicited vivid interest among our guests, many of whom photographed them.

Our MANHATTAN coffee table, which is actually a large triple-top side table made of old wood, was found intriguing. It is an epic table of about 100 kg in weight. Some of our guests felt moved, others – provoked. We made the GEO chair as a counterpoint.

Two coffee tables – TULIP and COFFER, were a perfect duo. Our guests could not decide which one was dominant, but every true duo is balanced after all.

DIE KORKENMASCHINE marked the corner of our booth. It did not go unnoticed by our visitors who immortalised it by taking numerous photos and a few selfies. Indeed, it is a particularly neat piece of furniture which can decorate any wine cellar.

Our exhibition was somewhat a performance, a proclamation of nature and the ecological approach we follow in making our furniture. We dazzled our guests with paintings and photos of trees and flowers. Our furniture is all about wood, yet we do not cut down trees (!). We get wood from… dumps and on the way to an incineration plant. In fact, trees should grow and proudly pose as they do in the paintings and photos below. A certain gifted Kraków painter humanised and empowered trees with affection. After all, every tree, which has not been cut down yet, belongs to US.

The fair was a success. Our furniture received a lot of praise for being unique, aesthetic, marvellous, bold, ecological, sophisticated, etc. Not to say that our prices were considered reasonable and even… predatory. This is all very flattering to us. We are awaiting orders.


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